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It s better to have a baby than to fall in love

It s better to have a baby than to fall in love

It s better to have a baby than to fall in love

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    It s better to have a baby than to fall in love
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    Stewed peaches in warm water
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    Yipin Books
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[virtual game + immortality + krypton gold baby raising, double clean sweet pet mutual redemption] the gods fall to the ground and turn into mountains and rivers, the land collapses into a sea of stars, the time solidifies, acts against the trend, and the believers of God will eventually return< br>_ Bai Yun, an online writer, encountered sudden changes in his childhood, resulting in serious psychological diseases. Although he is now well, he still has a very serious social phobia she can't go out. She can only make money by writing because I want to change my style, I plan to find inspiration in the love game it was going well, but I ran into rogue software when I downloaded it a good relationship suddenly turns into a baby. Who can be happy in the face of such inexplicable changes Bai · unhappy · Yun swallowed his anger and vowed not to be a krypton gold man, but before one day, he bowed down to the beauty of the golden age of the cub help AI Jia up, AI Jia can continue krypton< br>_ everyone knows that Mo has a benefactor, but no one knows what the benefactor looks like "I don't want to drink children's growth milk." when they looked back, they saw Jun Yumo muttering there in other words, who is this mysterious benefactor< br>_ mother powder vs possessive desire to burst the brain and replenish the cub Bai Yun: Cub, what do you want? I'll give you everything Jun Yumo: I just want you< br>_ lightning protection: 1. Bai Yun's condition is very complex. It will be explained clearly in the medium term. Please be kind 2. Cubs are the soul of adults, and will recover their adult body in the later stage 3. The background of this article is very grand and there are many private settings. Please watch it patiently 4. Don't be fastidious. Everything is for the plot and cookies!

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