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Jiang Shen tried to snipe me

Jiang Shen tried to snipe me

Jiang Shen tried to snipe me

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    Jiang Shen tried to snipe me
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    I'm a little green
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    Day Books
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2022-05-31 23:54:01
"Children, what are you hiding from? My brother won't bully you." at first sight, Jiang Shiyi teased his friend's little sister like a joke, which made the child blush and made him think about it for many years when they met again, Shen xingmian blocked him on the balcony and dared to play a single row with him. Unexpectedly, he turned red in the face: "children, I remember you should like me very much, at least you shouldn't hate it, but how can you hide when you see me?" until one day, Shen xingmian's trumpet was exposed and besieged by fans SHEN xingmian broke down and pulled the corner of Jiang Shiyi's clothes wrongly: "brother Yi, please, help the children." JIANG Shiyi's voice rolled in his throat and his lips were slightly hooked: "yes, but Tangtang wants to promise me a small request." SHEN xingmian blinked: "what requirements?" JIANG Shiyi pressed down slightly and rubbed her voice wantonly on her red earlobe: "children, I've tolerated you flirting with your sister for a long time. As compensation, shouldn't you... Kiss me?"

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