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Making Koi in the survival game

Making Koi in the survival game

Making Koi in the survival game

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    Making Koi in the survival game
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    Summer rice fragrance
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-05-24 05:55:30
Unknown dangers exist in the inexplicable harbor. A large number of containers emit a violent odor. The crew members with sudden diseases begin to attack others madly. The words that appear out of thin air tell her that this is a survival game Fu An thought it was just a dream and would not be moved when he woke up until the game tells her: if you don't obey the rules of the game, you will die. If you don't live in the game for 30 days, you will die... unknown dangerous cruise ship suffocating island creatures in the fog a flood that engulfs everything influenza without medicine collapsing land... how should we survive various natural and man-made disasters and resource shortage PS: the female owner has a small talent for hoarding goods, and the lucky value is max; Male RMB tycoon player, unlimited stream survival game CP: Fu an X Fu Yizhi [you and I didn't have a chance, it's all up to me to charge]

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