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Lost totem of Lou Xiao

Lost totem of Lou Xiao

Lost totem of Lou Xiao

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    Lost totem of Lou Xiao
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    Fine dust
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    Happy Read
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2022-06-24 07:41:48
When a mysterious handsome teenager Cheng Yue suddenly came to Ling Xiaoxi, with her keen intuition, she understood that this teenager would change the trajectory of her life. Although she escaped many times, she was inevitably involved in the huge vortex of finding her life experience and saving the ethnic group one is Lou Xiao, the first warrior in the earth who is both wise and brave and handsome, one is the learned, gentle and elegant high priest of the enon temple, one is the overlord of the owl who has been sealed for thousands of years and still has deep love, the entanglement between life and death, love and hate. Is this an evil fate or a destiny?