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Mu Qing is unhappy

Mu Qing is unhappy

Mu Qing is unhappy

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    Mu Qing is unhappy
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    Moon dust
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    Famized book
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2022-06-20 07:09:44
"I don't know what righteousness is. I cherish my life and can do anything to live." one is a mysterious, Decathlon talented doctor, and the other is a proud girl who plays the role of a pig and eats a tiger. When she becomes her, she will spoil the script? No, no, no her accomplishments are limited, her parents are unknown, and she is calculated everywhere... someone has been looking for her for a hundred years, and someone has been waiting for her for a thousand years you and I are all involved in a plan that has lasted for thousands of years "what is a white dove? The messenger of peace and justice? The hope of the people? It's just composed of you, me and ordinary people one after another." "the people around me leave me one after another, but I can't give up, because I want to live well with their faith."