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What kind of bad heart can a little sister have

What kind of bad heart can a little sister have

What kind of bad heart can a little sister have

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    What kind of bad heart can a little sister have
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    Elder martial sister Xiaojing
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    Garden Novel
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There is Bai Zhengyu, an emerald gentleman, and a sister who hates demons in Bai Zhengyu's eyes: clever, lovely, soft and cute. Can sprout people's hearts in other people's eyes: naughty, eccentric, violent and cold-blooded. You can blow up popularity in a second a long time ago, creatures from all walks of life in the world experienced the baptism of blood and fire again the root of all this is a strange divination made by the divine alchemist for the demon king: in the Zhengnian period, a female Lord will come to the world. This woman is destined to be killed the heavenly demon king wants to know more. The original stone of the divine alchemist suddenly burst ·· from then on, in order to strangle the star killer in the cradle, the heavenly demon king began to arrest intelligent women from all walks of life in the world again and again · when his sister was born, she caught up with the year when the star killer came into the world this is Bai Zhengyu's heart disease however, whenever he looks at those clean eyes, he will think that God pushed them wrong. Stay cute, the lovely little sister will never be the master of Jiangdu Yes, they have miscalculated ··· there are fools every year, especially this year it's natural to owe money to pay back, but some people just don't want to pay back for example, the emperor of Tianwaitian smiled sincerely: "well, girl, I don't want money. But I have a treasure house full of priceless treasures. Just give it to you. I promise: your brother will be very satisfied." result: City Lord, when do you want to send the army this month the funds for urban defense are obviously insufficient. Look···

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