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Sword spirit Rebirth: just for you

Sword spirit Rebirth: just for you

Sword spirit Rebirth: just for you

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    Sword spirit Rebirth: just for you
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    LV Jiuqi
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    Bestair novel
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2022-05-29 17:57:27
In the ancient times, there was only one battle between the white Vatican emperor and one of the immortal gates. In that war, the two fought in the dark and had nothing to do with the region. Finally, the white Vatican emperor died in the war, and the devil fled after heavy damage. Many immortal gates were also affected and extinguished in this long river of history after thousands of years, a piece of magic sword accidentally fell into the earth and was reincarnated as a human being... since then, there has been a girl named Luo Qingling in the earth. Twenty years later, in order to suppress the demons in the body, she embarked on the road of seeking to eliminate demons alone. Qingyang was in danger, rescued, Tingshan was in distress, rescued, the demon lord reappeared and rescued, After all kinds of life and death, she finally knew her origin in despair. It turned out that... She was an instrument spirit. Before returning to the magic sword, she said, you never loved me, but you never put me down, but your heart didn't allow it when the spirit returns, the magic sword reappears in the world, but she also has her thoughts to protect his world.